"One of the best books on the media I've ever read."
-- Brian Lehrer, WNYC

"[A] dazzling array of provocative social theories"
-- The Times of London

"[D]eceptively colloquial, intellectually dense ... a must-read for philosophers of every stripe"
-- Publisher's Weekly

"[L]ike spending time with a wild, wired friend--the kind who keeps you up late and lures you outside your comfort zone with a speed rap full of brillaint notions."
-- O Magazine

"A haunting, fertile book...if you want to think afresh about who you are and how you came to believe what you believe, start here."
-- The Observer (Guardian)

"[A] fine roar of a lecture about how the American mind is shaped"
-- Washington Post

"De Zengotita...is probably the best mass media critic out there"
-- raintaxi.com

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Recipient of the Marshall McLuhan Award for Outstanding Book of 2006 from the Media Ecology Association


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Thomas de Zengotita is a contributing editor at Harper's Magazine and holds a Ph.D. in anthropology from Columbia University. He teaches at the Dalton School and at the Draper Graduate Program at New York University. (Click here for a list of Thomas's publications.)


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